Body Control Pilates was founded in 1995 by Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thompson, with a vision to make the benefits of Pilates accessible to the average person, irrespective of age, income and fitness level. Body Control created a structured and modern approach to teaching that would meet these goals, creating a unique programme that takes you progressively and safely towards Joseph Pilates original work.


In order to do this, Body Control had to revisit Joseph's original teaching and modify many of the exercises. We see the Pilates method not as a finite set of exercises but rather as an approach to mind and body training, a thoughtful movement method. In this way Body Control have been able to develop and grow his technique. By drawing on the latest sports and medical research the Body Control Pilates approach is safe and effective.

Many of the original classical exercises, which are very challenging to the average person, have been broken down so that they can be taught progressively. Each of the exercises will teach you and new movement skill, gradually increasing your body awareness, increasing your strength and flexibility, improving your posture and coordination. Each exercise will take you a step closer to Joseph's original work. Quality teaching is essential for good outcomes, and Body Control Pilates is now widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective mat and machine teaching of the highest quality.

To date Body Control Pilates has trained more than 1200 teachers around the world. All certified Body Control Pilates Instructors have appropriate insurance, first aid training and commitment to continuous education and training.